The African tradition of storytelling is a common thread that's stitched throughout my work. Honoring my immediate ancestors and those of the African Diaspora is an important focus. Performance art aids me in creating sacred spaces in which the ancestors' spirits may rest. Taking that which is horrific and transforming it into beauty is my highest intention. My work is based on current and historic events surrounding the African-American experience. 

Imagery of blacks in the Americas during the middle passage and their portrayal in today's mainstream media is where I gain inspiration. My work also comments on the social stereotypes surrounding black people. In the work, I remix, retell, and reexamine the black experience. The work provides a platform where the stories of the nameless are illuminated. 

The work is created from a wide range of media. Performance, sculpture, digital, installation, fiber art, and photography are where the work finds form. My work breaks down the historic barriers between cultural elitism and the common good. The deliberateness of the work is to reclaim and retell the black experience allowing African-American people a more favorable an accurate depiction.